Tears, tantrums and an additive warning

Tears, tantrums and an additive warning

Additives that are commonly found in soft drinks and processed foods include Tartrazine E102, Sunset Yellow E110, Carmoisine E122, Ponceau 4R E124, and Sodium Benzoate E211. An LML gold medal goes to you if you can pronounce all of these and can explain what they are. What’s more worrying is that these additives are commonly found in foods and drinks that are specifically aimed at children.

Anyone who has attended a young child’s birthday party will recognise that these are usually divided into two parts. The first part is some sort of activity or party games, and the second part, is the birthday tea.

After the birthday tea, it is very common to see tears, tantrums and melt-downs.

Most parents blame this on the sugar but several scientific studies have shown that these additives that are commonly found in processed children’s food dramatically impact children’s behaviour and mood.

In one study, children that drank a squash drink containing these additives lacked concentration, were quick to lose their temper and had difficulty sleeping. In fact, foods such as Lucozade which contain the additive Sunset yellow now come with a safety warning on the label because of these behavioural effects on children.

Perhaps this is how eating certain foods makes you feel.

The main difference between adults and children is that as grown-ups we have learned to keep these feelings and moods in check (at least in public). Whereas a child will have a huge melt-down after eating these additives as adults we tend to feel lousy but know we can’t have a big temper tantrum in the middle of the office even though that’s exactly what these additives make you feel like doing.

Happily, these additive filled foods play no part in our LML Programme.

And I’m sure, like my patients, when you get up and running in the LML Programme you will never want to return to eating Tartrazine E102, Sunset Yellow E110 and all those other nasties that are packed into processed foods.

So when you join LML, you will lose these additives and chemicals but you will gain a stable happy mood and lots of good health. We welcome you getting in touch to find out more click here.

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