The LML Weight-Loss Programme

Initial Specialist Medical Consultation:

Your LML care begins with a medical consultation with Dr Hameed or another of our expert specialist doctors. It is the thoroughness of this medical review that our patients often remark on. As with everything LML, the design is the detail. This reflects our philosophy of providing holistic care that is absolutely right for you and your health needs.

Next, we will arrange for you to have a comprehensive set of blood tests to check amongst other things your blood glucose and insulin levels, thyroid hormone levels, cholesterol profile, blood count, liver and kidney function and vitamin levels. Depending on your medical history, your doctor might also suggest additional diagnostic tests tailored to your individual health requirements.

The LML SatPro Programme is not the right treatment for everyone, which means that there might be reasons why you should not enrol in the Programme. If this is the case, it will usually be possible to refer you to another specialist who is better placed to help you. If the conclusion is that the Programme is the best option for you then you are in the exciting position of embarking on the LML SatPro Programme.

The LML SatPro Programme Structure:

You will be guided through the LML SatPro Programme by your LML coach who will be with you every step of the way. LML coaches are deeply committed to the LML mission and have received meticulous training in the LML SatPro method. You will meet your LML coach for a series of seven LML SatPro Programme sessions. These sessions occur by video conferencing, in a small group setting, once every two weeks.

Daily Support:

While you are in the LML SatPro Programme you will receive daily email support from your coach. If in between sessions, you need any further help or advice your LML coach or your LML doctor will correspond with you over email, speak to you by phone or if needed, arrange to see you.

LML SatPro Programme Sessions:

Each LML SatPro Programme session is two hours long and every session covers a considerable breadth of knowledge and information relating to weight, appetite, metabolism, behaviour change and well-being. The sessions have been carefully choreographed so that each session whilst unique in its content is complimentary to and builds on the previous sessions. In between sessions, you will be asked to put into practice what you have learned. The LML SatPro Programme works and is effective but in order to maximise your Programme success it will be down to you to commit and engage. What you will likely find is that you will want and choose to follow everything to the letter as our patients hugely enjoy the Programme.

What Will I Be Eating?

The LML SatPro Programme only ever involves eating real, normal, natural food. There are no supplements or meal replacements. There is no counting, weighing or measuring of food. You can continue to shop at your usual supermarket and other shops and it will be easy for you to continue to enjoy eating out in restaurants. The food you will be eating will be so good and so delicious that if you throw a dinner party and you serve LML SatPro Programme food, your guests will have no idea that you are on any sort of plan and will compliment you on how well you eat.

What Outcomes Can I Expect?

The following outcomes are routinely seen in people following the LML SatPro Programme:

Significant, often life changing amounts of weight loss

Diabetes reversal

Reduced blood pressure

Resolution of obstructive sleep apnoea

Resolved symptoms of acid reflux (heartburn)

Cessation of abdominal symptoms such as bloating and abdominal pain

Resumption of regular menstrual periods if previously absent or irregular

Reduced joint pain

Increased mobility

Reduced blood triglycerides

Coming off medications under medical supervision

Increased energy levels

Better quality sleep

Brighter mood

Increased self-confidence

Control of eating

A re-established healthy, relaxed attitude towards food

A feeling everyday of wellness and excellent health