How the LML-SatPro way of eating can improve your health

One of the huge benefits of eating in the way that you do on the LML Programme is that Programme foods such as eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds and full fat natural/Greek yogurt are not high sugar foods.

This means that when you eat Programme food – not very much sugar ends up in your blood, which means that your blood sugar levels stay nice and steady.

Eating in the LML-SatPro way, your blood sugar levels run nice and even all day. This makes your body feel good. This makes your brain feel good.

Compare this with eating a bowl of muesli and a glass of orange juice for breakfast.

After having this sort of breakfast – you would end up with the equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar in your blood.

You then produce the hormone insulin which pushes that excess sugar into fat storage (which isn’t good for weight control).

The second issue is that your body goes from having lots of sugar in the system (12 teaspoons after the muesli orange juice breakfast) to suddenly having much less sugar in the system – once insulin has swept the sugar into fat.

Going from having lots of sugar to relatively much less sugar in the system is not something that the body was designed to tolerate and one part of your body, in particular, finds the sudden sugar high followed by the crashing low really hard to deal with – your brain.

When you eat the muesli or orange juice for breakfast your brain has to suddenly adjust to a hit of 12 teaspoons of sugar.

But when insulin then sweeps that sugar into fat and there’s less sugar around, your brain suddenly has to deal with this sugar low.

This is a sugar crash – and how does it make you feel – well essentially this rollercoaster ride from high sugar levels to low sugar levels makes your brain twitch – so you feel grumpy, irritable, low, anxious, lethargic, and no energy.

Not a pleasant way to feel – your brain then drives you to seek out more sugar to counteract this so you eat 3 biscuits mid-morning – so the equivalent of 12 more teaspoons of sugar gets into your system.

Temporarily your brain feels a bit better, less twitched, but then suddenly insulin has once again swept that sugar into fat – blood sugar levels drop – your brain is twitched – you feel even worse than before. Even more tired. Even more low and fed-up. Even more likely to have a short fuse and fly off the handle.

So you decide to go for an early lunch of a sandwich, a packet of crisps and an apple juice – 14 more teaspoons of sugar…

And so the rollercoaster ride goes on.

All-day, with the old foods, your blood sugar was swinging wildly from high to low and all the time you were not only fat storing but your mood and energy were likely to have been absolutely lousy.

Not anymore.

The brilliant thing about this way of eating, the LML-SatPro way, is that you get off the blood sugar rollercoaster.

No more sugar highs followed by crashes.

On SatPro we eat real, delicious food. We have stable blood sugar. We have energy. We are happy. Mood feels good. The day feels great.

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