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Saira Hameed Headshot

Dr Saira Hameed PhD
LML Founder and Lead Physician

Dr Saira Hameed is a Consultant Endocrinologist and a Senior Tutor and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. She works within the Imperial Weight Centre, a world-class centre of excellence for weight management, with an international reputation for its clinical and academic outcomes.

Dr Hameed trained in medicine at Oxford University and University College London, graduating with multiple distinctions and winning numerous prizes for exceptional academic achievement. As one of the highest ranked medical students in the whole of the University of London, Dr Hameed was named proxime accessit to the University of London Gold Medal.

Dr Hameed completed her early postgraduate training in several major London teaching hospitals before undertaking a PhD funded by the Medical Research Council at Imperial College London. Her PhD work discovered how one of the brain’s hormone systems controls appetite and body weight, a scientific advance that was covered in the national media.

After completing her PhD, Dr Hameed was appointed to a Clinical Lectureship in Endocrinology at Imperial College London, a position awarded to doctors who show outstanding potential for a career in academic medicine. Dr Hameed designed, researched, delivered and published the novel and highly effective LML-SatPro programme, which has achieved life-changing weight-loss, health and wellbeing benefits for patients.

James Harwood
Senior LML Coach

James was a theatre actor for over twenty years, including playing leading roles in London’s West End. During this time as an actor he also developed his teaching skills and is now is a professional, full-time coach and corporate trainer, specialising in several diverse areas, although all with a common thread of helping people improve their own lives through increased knowledge and self-awareness.

James met Saira when she had lessons with him in the Alexander Technique and this led to many conversations about how people can be empowered to look after themselves and their wellbeing; something we are actively doing with the LML-SatPro Programme.

James has his own experience of weight loss, having gained 25kgs whilst on steroids following a major operation. Losing this weight took him years and was only finally achieved after Saira invited him to teach the LML-SatPro Programme and he attended the course himself.


LML's Expert Doctors

All of our expert LML doctors are leading specialists working in major London teaching hospitals, who have been chosen because of their high-level medical expertise, as well as a shared LML philosophy of holistic, personalised, patient-empowered care.

LML’s Inspirational Coaches

You will be guided through the LML programme by your LML coach who will be with you every step of the way. LML coaches are deeply committed to the LML mission and have received meticulous training in the LML method.